This semester was full of fun for both students and teachers. We learned a lot of new things, made interesting crafts and played some new games!

In September and October, we studied the vocabulary of opposites and learned how to use them in simple sentences.

We used the school toys and our own bodies to master prepositions: in, on and under.
-Where are you?
-I’m on the chair!
-I’m under the chair!

We also studied about the dinosaurs and learned what they ate and how to describe their physical appearance.
-Diplodocus has long neck and long tail. He eats plants!
-Velociraptor has long legs and big head. He eats meat!

 We also made some cool-looking dinos from the paper plates!

We had a mini Saturday-only Halloween day on which the children put on some cool and pretty costumes and played games: musical chairs, Halloween monster Stamp Rally and Monster Shooting game. We made mashed-pumpkin cookies too!

In November we studied about places in the city. The children made really great shops and other city locations to decorate the wall with! We continued practicing using the prepositions and added a new one: next to.

We had a big shopping game during which the children became customers and staff of four shops: supermarket, bakery, bookstore and clothing store. Everyone did their very best to use only English while shopping/selling, which was really fantastic!
-Hello! Potato please!
-Hello! How many?
-Three potatoes!
-Ok! Here you are!
-Thank you! How many coins? (How much is it?)
-Three coins, please!
-Ok! Here you are!
-Thank you! See you!

In December we reviewed some food vocabulary and talked about the five tastes: sweet, salty, spicy, sour and bitter.
-What food do you like?
-I like cake!
-Because it’s sweet!

We also reviewed toy words and talked about things that the children want to get for Christmas.
-What do you want for Christmas?
-I want a doll house!
-Because it’s cute!

There were many answers, such as blocks, books and balls. Hopefully Santa makes these wishes come true on Christmas!

Last of all, we made some really cute snow globes. The children loved playing with them during the play time!

We hope that everyone has a really lovely winter holiday season, and see you again in the third semester!