FunShine Saturday School is back in session for the 2019-2020 academic year! Kids from all backgrounds and nationalities, ages 3-6, can come together for a weekly English class full of fun, friends and adventure (and phonics)!



This year started off with the usual bang, as all of our teachers came together for the first day. The new kids got to meet the old kids and teachers, and the old kids got to meet the new kids and one new teacher, Grace!



So far, we’ve been studying about feelings (I’m angry), family (This is my brother), adjectives (Is he big) and animals (It’s a shark).



We’ve had a cooking day where we made yummy onigiri, and made a beautiful picture frame for Mother’s Day. We had some very cool Show and Tells about our families and did a lot of Alphabet Yoga!



Saturday Class has been a lot of fun! Join us next time when we look back at June and July!