Welcome back!
This month FunShine Academy entered yet another new school year!

New friends to play with, new teachers to study English with, new exciting topics to talk about, new goals, new dreams! And of course, a lot of excitement!

In April, our Kinder class kids studied about animals. We talked about animals that live in different habitats, belong to different groups and can do different things. All FunShine kids love animals, so it was super-fun for them to talk about their favourites and share their knowledge!

We made cute animal crafts; the Blueberries made lovely beehives using stamps and paint, the Bananas made cute glove elephants using felt and stuffing and the Strawberries made a mini zoo by rolling paper into animal body parts!

We also made a big FunShine tree of friendship!

The main event of April was, of course the Easter party. The children came to school dressed up as rabbits, wearing their favourite outfits and bunny ears!

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without colorful eggs, so, as every year, we made Easter eggs with special dye of different colours and various decorations.

This year’s Easter race was special because besides having to carry an egg on a spoon, our kindies had to use their spoons to roll the eggs on the floor to pass them to their friends!

The most awaited part of the party was the great Egg Hunt! We got a phone call from the Easter Bunny who told us that he hid a lot of eggs with special surprises in a nearby park! That was definitely the most exciting part of the day!

Besides having lots of Easter fun, the children also had a chance to peel a big bamboo shoot (takenoko) brought to school by Yoshiko-sensei. It got smaller and smaller with every layer peeled off and many students were very intrigued by its smell.

Everybody did their best at lessons.  Especially the new Blueberries who had school subjects such as Math, Reading and Phonics for the first time!

On Japanese days, the children studied about upcoming events in Japanese calendar and made adorable Koinobori carps.

And, of course, we played a lot!