This year, Spring School saw us transform FunShine Academy into a jungle! 


Day 1: Welcome To the Jungle!

After we were trapped on a deserted island for all of March, we realized how fun and free jungle living is. So we needed to fill FunShine with plants and animals in order to transform it into JungleShine.

Teachers could handle the trees, vines and leaves, but we were still missing the animals. So the kids needed to create all of our wild friends. They used their hands and feet for painting, sticking and drawing, and soon we had a jungle full of flying, climbing and crawling creatures.


The Animal Encyclopedia

All week, the kids worked diligently to make their Animal Encyclopedias. We learned about several different animals: what they eat, where they live, and much more. We would bring these books with us to Ueno Zoo, so we could check off each animal as we saw them in person.


Day 2: Animal Mask
おうちから持って来ていただいた paper bag を使って
世界に一つだけの “Animal Mask” を作りました✂️

昨日とは違い、3D craft に挑戦‼️
“cut” “stick” “draw” “paste” といった words が出て来ました


Day 3: Animalympics.

Yesterday, the kids began their transformation into animals by looking like them. Now it was time to act like animals!


Actually, first we needed to go to the park and have an awesome snack time while we gazed at the beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom. There was even time to play a little. Let’s just consider this one last farewell to humanity…


When we got back to the school, we began the final step to our transformation: the Animalympics. Armed only with their action cards, the kids began their challenging physical training.

First they had to race their fellow beasts in four heats. First, the Cheetah race, in which they ran as fast as they could on four legs. Next the Elephant race, where they needed to walk like an elephant: left leg and left arm at the same time, right arm and right leg at the same time. It was really difficult! Next was the Rabbit race, which as you might expect was hopping with their hands flopping like bunny ears. Finally was the Snake race, in which the kids slithered like sneaky serpents.

After the races were finished, the kids swung on the iron bar (well, let’s pretend it was a tree branch), in our Do the Monkey challenge. 

The last and deadliest challenge was “Jump the Snake.” As you can see in the pictures, this was no mere jumprope.

Having finished the Animalympics, the children proudly clutched their completed action cards and roared mightily. Their transformation to animals was now complete.


Day 4: Cooking
今日は子どもたちが楽しみにしていた cooking day🍳
Lion Pudding を作りました🦁
Powder と hot water を “mix, mix…” 👨‍🍳

Lion face を完成させました✨


Day 5: Field Trip
最終日、Field trip は UENO ZOO🐼

手作り “Guide book📕” に登場する8種類の動物たちはもちろんのこと、

Today was the big day. With our bags, our drinks and our Animal Encyclopedias, we set off to Ueno Zoo.

It was a great adventure. We saw so many animals! Lions, tigers, gorillas, giraffes, monkeys, penguins and even the baby panda! Of course, since we had transformed into animals ourselves, we had to be very careful so the zookeepers didn’t lock us in cages as well…

楽しかった🌷Spring School🌷もまた来年

This was a very fun week. Next season school will be Summer, but everyday lessons are already back in session! Next blog, check out more Animals in April!