February and March was time for our Saturday Kindies to learn about countries and the world map.

The very first thing to do for the kids was to make their own passports that they could use during our “lesson travels”

To “enter” a given country, the children had to say a greeting in a given language and go through a passport control answering questions.

Bonjour! G’day, mate! Salam Aleykum! Namaste! Bongiorno!
What’s your name? ~ My name is…!
How old are you? ~ I’m … years old!
Where Are you from? ~ I’m from Japan!

We talked about the four countries all of our English teachers come from; America (Charles), Australia (Steven), Poland (Ania) and India (Nida).

The next country to learn about was France. It’s the country of love and delicious sweets, so it was perfect to connect it with the Valentine’s Day cooking. The children made delicious chocolates and lovely cards for their parents and siblings!

Next in line was Egypt. The children had an Egyptian Dance party and learnt about deserts and pyramids. Watch out for the crocodiles hiding in the Nile river!

On the day of the open school we talked about Italy. The children learnt about many yummy foods that come from this country. The unquestionable favourite Italian food for our students was pizza, therefore we have turned into chefs and made delicious Italian pizzas.

On India day, the children could learn about cool and amazing animals that can be found in that country. The children were impressed with the beauty of the Taj Majal palace. They voted for the coolest painted elephant and colored their own Indian animal pictures.

On the last March class day, our dear Souhei graduated from FunShine Saturday Kinder Class. We had a mini graduation ceremony for him.

Good luck at elementary school!