For a short month, January was really busy! This month we studied about countries all over the world, learning about at least one on each continent. Before we travel internationally however, we’ll need a passport….


We practiced conversation by asking all the kids to confirm their name, age, nationality, and why they wanted to visit each country.


Then we took a look at each country’s most famous features, like tourist destinations, indigenous plants and animals, food and famous children’s characters. Then for each country, we sampled a bit of native culture either with a craft or a dance. For example, in France we learned how to do a Can-Can dance. In Open Homeroom, we visited Italy, and after learning a bit about its famous contributions to the world, we had a teamwork and communication-building exercise where we split into teams and designed, shopped for ingredients for, and cooked our own pizzas.


Open Homeroom? We had so many countries to visit we had to continue the theme into February; and the main reason we didn’t have enough time for all the countries is that January has Open School week, where parents come in and view homeroom and each lesson…


With Setsubun coming up in February, we made our own Oni masks. Parents helped a bit with this during open Japanese class, and also helped to make our own giant World Map to put on the wall.


Next time in February blog, we’ll travel to more countries, and have a bit of a problem on our final cruise, leading to us being stranded on A DESERT ISLAND! See you then!