The monthly theme for November was Autumn. At the outset, I want to share that lesson time is perhaps the only time when our little preschoolers sit quietly and listen to the teacher’s instructions.   Here is a sneak peak of our flash card activities and game.


We taught the kids about autumn, the changing colors of leaves and their eventual fall from the branches of the trees.

More importantly, we now have three more kids, who are in a small (Age 2) age group and joined our “Pre Pre” class.

For the craft activity, we undertook hedgehog, acorns, and turkey crafts. For the hedgehog craft, the kids went to the park and collected leaves and acorns, and then pasted them in the paper cut-out of a hedgehog.  Happy and excited because of the leaf collection activity, we further explored the colors and symbols of Autumn. The main purpose of the turkey craft was to help the kids to recognize colors. Their excitement is quite apparent in the following pictures:    


Next up are worksheets, we did only a few worksheet assignments. Here are some of the pictures:

You may also want to know how the little pumpkins enjoyed their playtime. We played both outdoors and indoors during playtime and you can see the little ones enjoying themselves in these pictures.