June was all about rainy season. The monthly theme was also based on rain. We completed lots of worksheets of coloring, tracing and numbers. Here are some of the pictures of the little pumpkins involved in these activities.

In June we also had Father’s Day, so we also planned a special activity for the same. The kids loved making Father’s Day present. They made few other crafts as well. Here are some of the pictures.


During the lesson time in June, we mostly discussed colors, numbers and puzzles. We also saw our little pumpkins sitting for longer durations during lesson time and listen to the teachers unlike the previous months. Here are some of the pictures.

Playtime is always the best time for the kids. We were not able to go to the park daily because of the rains, so the kids played inside on days when it was raining. Here is a look into how the kids utilized the playtime in June.

Lastly, our little ones enjoyed the story time a lot as you can see in the picture below.

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