In May, we saddled up and headed to the Wild West, for Cowboy month. The kindies became rough-riding deputies of FunShine Town, est. 1849.


First things first, we had to settle our new town in the wild frontier, which of course meant lots of crafts. K1s made cacti, K2s teepees for our Native American friends, while K3s handled buildings like our hotel, saloon and sheriff’s office. We also managed to make some Mother’s Day cards, to be delivered by Pony Express, of course.


Of course, our cowboy posse also had to learn how to shoot bandits, lasso steers and have quick-draw duels. This came in handy when we were visited by a silly, but scary, bandit. Go get ‘er, cowpokes!


Next up, we learned about the Gold Rush, and went panning and digging for our own treasure. Then we learned about the West’s original people, Native Americans. We didn’t go too into depth about the unfortunate conflicts that happened, but we learned about their culture and had a little Pow-Wow of our own.


After exploring the unknown territories in the West, we returned to a familiar old favorite place, Asukayama Big Park. We had a fun field trip all day, thanks to the Mommies who helped us out!


That’s all for May! Make sure and come back to read about June’s theme of Occupations, and information about our Summer School Program.

Happy Trails!