March was a month of saying goodbye to the school year of 2017. The kids were a little bit nervous but also very excited for the upcoming next step of becoming new K2s, K3s and elementary school students in April!

For our homeroom lessons, we continued studying about countries, which the kids enjoyed a lot! As expected, our young travelers were thirsty for knowledge about new, exciting places and did great learning new customs, dances and even fighting styles.

We were lucky to have guests from Australia, Canada, Philippines and UK to teach the children about their countries. Everyone enjoyed interacting with new friends from abroad and asked them a lot of interesting questions! Our homeroom lessons were always full of laughter and energy. We had a fantastic time!

Even though we spent a large amount of time on preparing for graduation, we still had enough time to have fun all together. The children enjoyed their last days of school before the spring break.

We talked about our memories of this exciting year that was coming to an end. We talked about how fun it was to go on field trips, learn about our favourite topics and play in various places.

The children from the Blueberry class liked to talk about their favourite toys and playing in the park. FunShine field trips were the most popular topic among the Bananas. The Strawberry boys loved to recall the sleepover party.

March was a very short month, but we made sure to make as many precious memories as we could together. We said our goodbyes to some precious friends who graduated our school or needed to move to a different place due to their parent’s job. They may not be here with us anymore, but they will always stay in our hearts, and, we hope we can see them again someday!

 The new school year will surely be very exciting! We will meet new friends, new teachers and go to new places. We will learn many new things and have a lot of new, amazing adventures!

See you next month, Kindies!
We can’t wait to see you again in April!