January’s theme was “All about Winter.” Little pumpkins did loads of craft work this month, a preview of which is given below.

In consonance with our theme, we regularly discussed about the right clothing during winter and what the kids were wearing. We also played a clothing flash card game. A sneak peak into our game:

The kids made wonderful progress in phonics and learnt new letters of the alphabet such as “V”, “W”, etc. They also had the opportunity to do alphabet yoga. See how our little pumpkins are enjoying alphabet yoga.

Our craft works included a mitten craft, Oni mask and crêpe craft. Here are some of the pictures showcasing the pumpkins hard work.


In our worksheet activities, we covered areas like maths, alphabet tracing, coloring and comparatives.

Play time is always the most fun-filled and enjoyable time for little pumpkins. This month we encountered snowfall on a couple of days and the kids enjoyed playing with snow.

Do visit us again to get updates on what the pumpkins are up to next month!!!!!