The theme of the month of November was Autumn. We had loads of fun-filled and exciting activities. Here is a sneak peak of the activities we did during November.

In the beginning of the month, one of the most exciting activities we did was the Owl craft. The kids collected leaves and acorns from the garden and made owls using them.

November is also the month of Thanksgiving, so it was quite obvious we had craft work related to Turkey. We painted the kids’ feet with colors and took their footprints, and they had to choose the color of the turkey’s wings. The kids were so thrilled during this craft work as you may find in these pictures below.

Our little pumpkins did lots of work sheets and here are some of the kids enjoying their work Sheets.

During the lesson time, the kids learnt about the autumn season. The kids also learned to say “I like….” and “I do not like….”.

During the week of 4th November we had Open School, and I am pleased that the kids did really well before the parents. At times, we divided the kids into two teams, one was given mushroom craft work and the other a worksheet, and then vice versa.

Playtime is one of the most fun-filled times for the kids, and one of their favorite games in November was the spider web game, which was a totally different experience for the kids. Here are some of the kids playing the spider web game.

Do check in to our website for details on what we are going to do next month.