The school was colorfully decorated and lit up according to the theme.



For details on the morning party, please read Kinder class Halloween party blog by by Basically, we had two different parties on Halloween. This blog is for the afternoon party which was meant for the younger group of school kids. My colleague Ania.

We had a whole bunch of funny and exciting Halloween characters such as Harry Potter, Princesses, various Disney characters, etc.






A party without songs is no party at all so, we started our little Halloween party with “Go Away Scary Monster” and “Knock Knock” songs.



It is time to be brave for the little champs and shoot the monster with a ball shooting game. Here are some of the moments captured during this exciting game.



Last haunted 21 Century shop to receive lots of candies and they obliged. Lastly, it was the community center where our little scary monsters worked their magic to scare off people and collect treats from them.






After coming back to school, we ended the party with a book reading activity.