With the end of October came something everybody was looking forward to all month long; the Halloween party!

Everybody came to school wearing cute, cool and most of all really amazing costumes. We had superheroes, princesses, cartoon characters, officers, wizards and even dinosaurs!

We sang a special Halloween song: “I’m a Crazy Witch”.
The children loved to do gestures of all yucky things that we put in the crazy witch’s magic cauldron!
“I will give you cobwebs, boogers, eyeballs, wool of bats…”

The very first activity that we had after the song was making two Jack o-Lanterns. We scooped out two big pumpkins, drew faces on them and decorated them with markers!
The teachers did the carving!

After our Jack o-Lanterns were made it was time for a little Halloween cooking. We made sweet mashed pumpkin cookie monsters. The children really liked them!

Next was everyone’s favourite part: Trick or Treating!
We went around Higashi Ikebukuro and collected candy from many places: the fire station, the parents at the school entrance and in a park, the Century 21 shop and the Community Center.
Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat!

After coming back to the school, we had lunch! Everybody enjoyed eating and talking with friends while wearing their costumes.

After lunch, it was time for games! We played a Halloween monsters ball shooting game! The children had to knock off bottles with Halloween characters to get points. It was a lot of excitement!

We also had the Monster Box touch and feel game. Some friends were a little scared to touch things in the box without seeing them but princess Chikako was very convincing; she promised that nothing bad will happen and, of course, princesses never lie!

After the games, it was time to go home. This year’s Halloween was so fun! Everybody was very excited to get a little present from the school: a vampire whistle!

All 25 kids whistling at the same time might be a bit noisy but the ears of our teachers are well-trained for this kind of situation and nobody ended up in the hospital half-deaf ;).

Halloween is fun!