[☆Work Time☆]

1月4日から3日間、Winter schoolが行われました☃

「Happy New Year!」、「明けましておめでとうございます!」と


今回のWinter schoolのテーマは“お仕事について”です



★Day1:Job Policeman★

 Winter schoolの初日は、



Circle timeでのPoliceman songでも、元気いっぱい!!


Flash cardでの活動では、“Robber”だと泥棒らしく歩いたり、


そして、子ども達一人ひとりFlash cardの中から





CIMG9107 CIMG9104CIMG9101②




CIMG9148 CIMG9147 ②CIMG9145 CIMG9206②CIMG9143 CIMG9162

★Day2:Job Doctor★

On the second day of our Winter School we transformed into Doctors to save the day of those who got sick or injured. 

Our password of the day was “ready to help!” as the doctors of Funshine Hospital are  always prepared for any kind of an accident!

We started our professional training with some flashcards of things that are essential for working in a hospital or clinic, such as ambulance, stethoscope or  first aid kit. Each of the words had a special gesture to help our trainees to remember it’s meaning: the certain favorite of everyone was the gesture of a shot, for which we had to apply an injection to our behinds and cry: “Ouch!!”

We made our own personalized Doctor masks, decorating them with drawings, different kinds of stickers and tape! Those kinds of masks are the best to use when dealing with the youngest patients; funny characters and happy colors can keep them feeling positive!

After making the masks, we had a very important lecture about body parts and I must say that our young trainees did a really fantastic job naming everything we pointed at on the body model poster. As the practical part of the class we sang and danced the “Head and Shoulders” song, which was a lot of fun for everyone!

CIMG9235② CIMG9239 CIMG9246

As the last part of our Doctor training we had two different kinds of races to prove the children’s readiness, understanding of English and logical thinking. The first race was based on sticking band aids on injured body parts of the teachers. The second race was more difficult, as the children had to give the teachers some medicine which was different depending on their condition; a red pill for tooth, head, back and stomach ache and a blue pill for a fever, runny nose, cough and  sore throat. Both of the teams did their best!

It was a very busy day for our young Doctors but we enjoyed it a lot!

CIMG9273 CIMG9254 CIMG9251

★Day3:Field Trip ~キッザニア東京~★

 Winter school最後のお楽しみは、Fild Trip(遠足)です!!






It was really interesting for the children to perform training and missions for different kinds of jobs.

We were able to try being a Security Staff, a Delivery Officer, a Baby Hospital Nurse, a Fire Fighter, a Publisher and a Scientist; all of these jobs required a lot of courage, reliability and engagements and our students surely did their best with that!

IMG_7057 IMG_7090 IMG_6347 IMG_5906 IMG_5899 (33) IMG_0893

After completing all three of the jobs in each group’s program, the children really loved to talk to us about what activity was the most enjoyable and why.
All us, teachers felt really jealous, as we wanted have fun along with the kids, but unfortunately adults are not allowed to have fun any more ;-).
However, the most important thing is that the children loved the experience and this year’s Winter School’s field trip was surely a very memorable one ♥! 

IMG_6544 IMG_6529 IMG_6427 IMG_6384 IMG_5861 (3)  IMG_6548②