Being a new teacher at FunShine, it is my first blog, and I wanted to share all the excitement with you. We welcomed a new member in our small pumpkin family in June. Given the fact that our little pumpkins have spent only a couple of months in this new session, they are growing their friendship and trust with each other as they go along.

In June, we had a rainy season theme for our little pumpkins. We added a lot of new fun-filled activities, craft work and songs which I am sharing with you. These included rainbow color hunt, umbrella craft, rain flash cards, etc.



Our little pumpkins love to go on outdoor activities. Such is their innocence that a fire truck is an ambulance for them, as they call it out of excitement. One of their other favorite outdoor play has been the sandpit.


Our little pumpkins did a lot of active fun indoor play. We saw them getting hyperactive during songs like “Hide & Seek”, “Say Cheese” and “Newspaper Transformation”. They loved to transform into newspaper hats.


June was engaging and filled with excitement. Check back with us later for an update on a fun-filled July.

By Nida