👽Space Spy Academy👽

Day 1💫Spy Training💫

今週のThemeはSpace Spy Adventure!

お部屋がSpace ship(宇宙船)に大変身

ロケットのエレベーターに乗ってblust off!!



Bad alienから宇宙船を守ろうとalienが嫌いな風船をGET!

みんなBad Guyに見つからない様にmission complete

GETして風船でalien robotを作ました


Free Play の時間も Space shipの操縦したり、修理したりと楽しそう♫

Day 2📡Mission Time📡

The third and the last week of summer school was very exciting.

The theme was Space.

This blog is for the second and fourth day of the third week of the summer school.  

We started the second day with a special attendance procedure whereby we gave the kids Alien missions and gave them new passwords of access.

We played a wonderful space song called Little Spaceship.   

The craft the kids made on the second day was really exciting;

we made space masks and the kids loved  decorating them.

Here is a sneak peek of the craft.   

We also played alphabet yoga and a secret game wherein kids had to find the “cats,” “dogs,” and “pool” passcode. 

After that,

we did worksheets on which the students had to find their name.

The names were  found using the alphabetic code chart. 

During playtime, the kids played the “Mr. Alien” game, and they enjoyed it very much. 

Lastly, the kids played musical chairs,

which was by far the most fun and enjoyable game of the day.

Day 3🚀Space mission🚀


Shooting Star流れ星をGET!



Red right!Green right!Hideの時には隠れる

流れ星はWaterバージョンとビーズバージョンとでI spy game




Day 4🍭Party on Space🍭 

The second-to-last day of summer school was designated for cooking class.

We started with a small game of saving the ingredients from bad aliens.

The pictures below were captured during this game.    

The kids made alien jelly. First, the smaller kids put the jelly powder in a bowl,

the bigger kids measured water and poured it into their cups,

with some help from teachers, and thereafter everyone took turns mixing them together.

The mixture was to able to take the jelly form.

Please see the cute pictures of a few of the steps below.  


It was finally time to take the freshly made jelly out of the refrigerator and make it into aliens.

Each kid cut a marshmallow into two pieces and fixed them onto their jelly.

The most exciting time of the activity was when the kids were able to eat their self-made jelly. Here are some of the memories from this activity.

Day 5🌍Field trip ギャラクシティー🌍 




流れ星が出てくると「Look! It’s a Shooting Star.」なんて声も!