Day 1: [Adventure Begins]

Monday was the day when the children’s new adventure as young explorers of the unknown began. We learnt the new song of “Going on the Lion Hunt”, which helped us to learn prepositions!

We also divided into three teams: BEARS, RACCOONS and WILD CATS.

Going on adventures brings a lot of fun and excitement but also some risks so it is essential to be prepared for everything. Our smart adventurers had some good ideas that might come in handy; binoculars will be helpful for seeing things that are far ahead and a compass will surely help us to find a way when we get lost!

After discussing all the essentials our Kinder students made their own Explorer’s Journals to write their memories and field notes in. A journal is definitely one of the most important things to take with us on an adventure!

The Pumpkins made lovely binoculars out of two toilet paper rolls and origami paper. They also decorated them to make them look even cuter!

After eating a healthy lunch to give us power for the upcoming adventure, our explorers helped to pack our school backpack with all the necessary items that we discussed in the morning. It wasn’t such an easy task as they were mixed with other objects such as shower handles and frisbees. Both of these are great but might not be too useful in the jungle.

“We need a rope!” “We need a camera!” “We need a map!”

After the bag was packed it needed to be double checked. We couldn’t risk forgetting even one important item as nobody knew what might be ahead.
Hooray, we did it!

Day 2 : [Mountain Movement Adventure]

横浜にある系列園のやまた幼稚園でのSummer Schoolです




この日のThemeは『Movement Adventure』


BalanceやJumping、Running 、トンネル潜り等を行いました



次は、『Mysterious picture puzzle game』












最後は、今日の出来事を自分のEXPLORER JOURNAL に


Day 3 : [Island Water Adventure]

On the third day of our Adventure week we were  stranded on a tropical island. There was a lot of water around so it was a great chance for us to study about it!

We learnt verbs connected with water, such as diving, splashing or blowing bubbles. The children told us which of them they can do.

After the morning lesson it was time for some educational water fun. Our young explorers found some mysterious looking items in ice and had to melt it to learn what they were.

It was a sea treasure!

After obtaining a new treasure, we had a mini science lesson in the pool.
The children learnt about sinking and floating and had to guess, which objects gathered by the teachers would float and which would sink.

Will a coin sink or float?
What about a leaf?

What about a pencil?

Next thing on our list was… PLAY TIME!
The FunShine adventurers had an exciting time playing, splashing and diving in the pool!
Everybody loved the big and spacious pool of Yamata Kindergarten!

The Pumpkins also had lots of fun playing in the FunShine pool as they had a lot of space only for themselves.

In the afternoon, we decided that, during our Summer School Adventure, we had gathered enough treasures that we needed a bag to keep them in.
Everybody made their personalized treasure bags decorating them with colorful spangles!

Day 4 : [Jungle Senses Adventure]

On Thursday, we studied about jungle animals and the five senses. Our explorers came up with some great ideas of things that we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch!
I can see a hippo!
I can hear a lion roar!
I can touch a kitten!
I can smell the lunch!
I can taste fruit!

It was also finally cool enough to have a longer play time outside. 
The huge playground at Yamata kindergarten was the best place!

We started the preparation for our shaved ice in the morning, so that the children could enjoy the “fruits” of their labour after lunch. The children cleaned and sanitized their hands before handling any food. We then instructed the children on how to cut up the different fruit using plastic knives, which was then gathered into a bowl to use in our shaved ice desert after lunch.

The Pumpkins prepared some healthy ice cream with blueberries and yoghurt.
They had a mini math lesson counting the blueberries and mixing them with the yoghurt.

Time to eat! Now that lunch was over it was time to enjoy a nice refreshing cold desert.
Some children even wanted MORE!!

After lunch was finished, we started our “Animal Tracks” Activity. The students were shown different animals and the footprints that those animals made when they walked. The students had to match each animal with the correct footprint and then draw their own footprint for that animal.

The Pumpkins completed a jungle animal stamp rally finding tigers, gorillas, snakes and many others hidden in the FunShine jungle!

They also had a jungle animal sounds quiz and had to guess, what animal’s voice was coming from behind the bushes. 

We had so much fun!

Day 5 : [Field Trip: ASOBono]


















最後はChapu Chapu Creekで、ビショビショに濡れるまで遊びました