In winter, FunShine Academy transformed into FunShine hospital and our Saturday Class children took turns at becoming doctors and patients.

We learned about different kinds of health problems in English and how to solve them:

Patient: Hello, doctor!
Doctor: What’s wrong, What’s wrong?
               Tell me, tell me what’s wrong.
Patient: I have a… (runny nose/fever/scratch)!
               I… (am dizzy/cold/threw up)!
Doctor: You need a… (medicine/band aid/tissue/mask)!
               Here you are!
Patient: Thank you, doctor!

This role-play was one of the very favourite among the children and everyone had a lot of fun doing it!

We also talked about jobs. The children decided who they want to be when they grow up.

Our theme for the Science Class was Space and Countries! We learned about planets of our Solar System and some well-known countries around the globe!

And, we made yummy cupcakes for Valentine’s Day!
These cupcakes represent love for mommy and daddy!

In March, we had a big review of all topics and played many different games and role-plays: the shopping game, the ocean game, the laundry game and many more!

We did a lot of alphabet yoga connected with phonics sounds review! The students came up with many examples of words starting with a given sound while making a pose of it’s corresponding alphabet letter:

F-fff– Fish! Flower! Firefighter! Frog! Food! FunShine Academy!
M- mmm– Mommy! Monkey! Moon! Milk! Mango! Mushroom!

We said goodbye to four of our precious K3-level students: Emina, Momoko, Ryukichi and Sousuke who graduated kindergarten and will go to Elementary School next month!

We had so much fun studying English together! Good luck in Elementary School, everyone! Remember about your friends and teachers in FunShine Academy and come to play with us anytime!

We love you!



今年度 Saturday SchoolのLessonが終了いたしました



子ども達はFunShine Academyの英語Lessonを、




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