We had a lot of learning to squeeze into a holiday-shortened January, because this month’s theme was the always popular OUTER SPACE!



As always, we used the FunShine Stargate to visit all the planets in our solar system, so first that meant we needed to make our astronaut equipment, go through astronaut training, and try some yummy astronaut food.



Then we were all ready to tour the Sol system’s eight awesome planets (well, seven really, since most of us already live on Earth).

We avoided craters and asteroids on Mercury, crawled through tunnels and steered clear of lava rivers on Venus, climbed our system’s tallest mountain (Olympus Mons) on Mars, dodged thunder on Jupiter, hopped around Saturn’s rings, gathered diamond rain on Uranus and ran away from Scooter the giant storm cloud on Neptune. After each planetary mission, we were quizzed by some alien teachers to make sure we knew all about each planet. If we could get every answer right, we received special puzzle pieces revealing a map of our nearby space.



That’s all for January, unless you count the huge battle we had with space pirates who blew holes in our ship that we had to repair… after running around to keep the ship balanced, some quick computer programming to stop our ship from blowing itself up, and yet another alien quiz….

Or the other star system we visited, that happened to contain several planets that FunShine students created (and also explored). Each group of astronauts gave a quick explanation of the planet they explored, and taught us how to fit in (by screaming, jumping or laughing, mostly).

In February, we get back down to Earth with a study of countries and geography (and a race around the globe to find ancient treasures), with “Around the World In One Month.”