[🐟Ocean World🐟]

Summer school Week 2は、子ども達の大好きなOcean World!!




Week Two of Summer School was oceans apart from Week One, as the FunShine kids voyaged to a world under the sea!

In Ocean World, we learned all about the amazing creatures who inhabit the 71% of the planet covered in water. We met fish, octopi, whales and more, while learning about human travel overseas as well.


Fish→魚       Squid→いか

Crab→かに       Dried Squid→スルメ

Shark→さめ      Squid jeiky→さきいか

Turtle→かめ     Soft squids roasted and shredded→ソフトいかの燻製😋


🌊 Day1:Welcome to Ocean World 🌊

On Day One, we studied the most famous sea animals and learned to move like them, too. The kids had a lot of fun swimming like fish, jumping like dolphins and spraying water like whales, all while avoiding the deadly SHARK…

We made some cute sea creatures, using our cute hands and feet. The kids practiced painting, sticking and drawing with this crabby craft.


‍🏄Day2:Ocean Olympics ☆Water play‍🏄

2日目は、Fish parts(魚の体)についてLessonを行いました


また、Pool TimeでのOlympicsでは“Sharkを追い払えshooting game”や

“いっぱい掴めfishing game”などで大盛り上がりでした!!

そしてなんと、魔法の水でslimeを作り、素敵なMini mini seaが出来上がりました♫


🚣‍♀️Day3:FunShine Marina Building Ships Craft‍🚣‍♀️

Of course, fish aren’t the only ones who move about in the ocean. On Day Three, we learned about human sea travel on ships, mostly by making our own…

The kids used all their marine motor skills, cutting, gluing, drawing, sticking and taping, to build their seaworthy vessels. The younger kids made ships from trays and cups, while their big brothers and sisters cut into some big milk cartons.

We had a blast sailing our ships, and then after lunch we learned how to behave as a ship’s crew, with the frantic listening and remembering game, Captain’s Orders.


🐳Day4:Frying Nemo☆Cooking day~Decoration Lunch~🐳







Day5:Field Trip Day~葛西臨海水族園~

Ocean World最終日は今までLessonしてきたことを踏まえ




Our trip to Kasairinkai Aqua Park was fascinating. We saw, and even touched, all kinds of amazing sea creatures. The children learned about the incredible diversity of life on this planet, and could see exhibits on how plants and animals together form so many different beautiful, fragile ecosystems. Our hopes for the future depend on our children growing up with love and respect for our environment, especially our seas and oceans. See you in Week Three!‍