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Saturday Kinder 〜November〜

We did not have many lessons during the month of November, we could only have two classes.

The monthly theme was jobs and was based on different occupations. So we did flashcard activities regarding these different occupations like policemen, teachers, and doctors. The kids had to recognize the occupations and say what they do. The pictures of the kids doing this activity can be seen below:

As usual, we did writing exercises, and while some kids needed help with them, we were happy that they tried hard. Here are some of the pictures taken during these exercises:  

Playtime was exciting for the kids. They love playing in groups. Here are some pictures of them enjoying themselves.

Overall, we know that most of the kids are giving their best efforts, and they try hard to understand phonics as well, which can be easily seen in the following pictures:

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本日、FunShine Academy創設者の早川真由美による子育てセミナーを開催しています。






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昨年まで NHK「えいごであそぼ」でご活躍されていたエリックさん。




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Kinder Class By October (Ania)

October 2018 brought to us the long-awaited fourth semester of our favourite Magic School. The information about the beginning of new magic classes caused great excitement among the Bananas and the Strawberries. It also caused a lot of question marks appearing above the heads of the Blueberries, who have never experienced these special lessons before.

After a brief explanation of what our magic school is and what we are going to do during the one month-long magical semester, it was time to sort the children to the four magic houses of:
cheerful and fun-loving Coralin,
gentle and caring Whitewood,
courageous and daring Dragonhide,
and clever and diligent Riddlemere.

The Blueberries visited our magic wand shop and chose their wands that will be their partners for three years and longer in casting magic spells.

The Bananas and the Strawberries were returned their previous magic wands BUT: It turned out that the friendly fairies of our Magic School have sprinkled some new fairy dust over the wands of the Bananas and covered the wands of the Strawberries with pure gold!

In this month of spooks, we chanted three magical songs during our Enchanted Circle time; “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo” and “I’m a Crazy Witch,” which are our October regulars, and the new song “GhostBusters,” which became an unquestionable favourite among the children!

This year’s magical semester was surely busy!

We learnt a lot of spells, brewed many potions and every magical mission that we completed brought us some enchanted treasures. Out students also made fantastic Jack-o-Lanterns for the Halloween Contest!

We made a glowing fairy candy jar and two glowing fairy incense potions that we put outside and soon after that we found fairy cocoons among the grass in our balcony garden.

We rescued a dragon egg and have been taking care of it until it hatches, and its mommy is able to pick the baby up from the school.

We had a wizardry tournament in which the children flew on magic brooms and casted magic spells to accomplish magical quests that led to the unlocking of a treasure that would make their magic even stronger!

The children made their annual magic potions with various cool and interesting attributes, such as making them fly into space or allowing them to breathe underwater.

We learnt how to write our names in the language of forest Elves and learnt Elvish equivalents to our names with some special meaning. The Bananas and the Strawberries  enjoyed this even more than we expected!

As every year, we continued getting deeper into studying Ancient Viking Runes, improving our abilities in reading and writing them.

Our arch-enemy, the Bad Wizard (or B.W. in short), who messes with our lessons every year also came back and did a lot of mischief; probably more than ever before!

With his dark magic, he turned poor Chikako into a vampire with his bad magic potion! Fortunately, we had a strawberry flavoured blood from a friendly Vampire Café that we could give to her to buy us some time to cast a recovery spell. It worked, and Chikako was rescued!

The Bad Wizard didn’t give up and continued causing more mischief by bringing sirens, a basilisk, a ghost and even a doppelganger that looked exactly like Kanami (but behaved in a very rude and naughty way) to our school to prove that we are not smart and strong enough.

Even though some missions were a little scary, our brave wizards defeated every obstacle and brought the Bad Wizard down a peg!

The Bad Wizard, frustrated from his failures came to our school and kidnapped Charles, locked him in the toilet and made himself look just like the kids’ beloved professor! Fortunately, our smart students immediately noticed that his behavior was strange and defeated the Bad Wizard with the magic of their friendship.

The Bad Wizard ran away and won’t come back for a long time!
We found and rescued Charles and the story of our fourth Magical Semester ended on a very happy note!



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Winter School 受付開始⛄️❄️


201917日(月)~9日(水)の期間、☃️Winter School☃️を開催します✨

今年のテーマはFA Science Laboratory




English Activity Program(英語プログラム)を行います!




This special language programs lead by fluent English speaking FunShine  staff and KidZania staff, called Navigators, that have been trained by native English speakers. Both programs are great for Guests who want a unique and memorable way to experience KidZania. Kids get to do English activities back-to-back with no waiting in line. This is a unique chance for Kids to use English with Kids they are meeting for the first time and make new friends. It is also a hassle-free way to visit KidZania because of the reserved Activities!



※Summer Schoolをご参加いただいた方もご提出が必要となります。


・Winter School 申込書 ・アレルギー確認書


・Season School規約







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