Summer School 2019〜Week3〜のご報告

【FunShine Sports Superstars】

Week 3, the final week of Summer School, saw the kids report to FSA (FunShine Athletics) training camp to become Sports Superstars! All week we trained hard in preparation for our practice with a real professional soccer team, Yokohama Marianos!

Summer School Week3 は “🎽Sports Superstars👟” というテーマで、
実際に体を動かしながら sports についての知識を深めていきました🎓


Day 1 Opening Day

Week3の theme song は “Dinosaurs T-Rex Number Song” 🎶
毎朝、この歌をうたって lesson がスタートします
初めは Charles先生を見ながら、真似して覚えようとする子どもたち😀
“Let’s Go FunShine! Let’s Go FunShine!”

Magic word は “Play Ball!” 🖐
出欠確認で名前を呼ばれたり、“Are you ready?” と尋ねられると
元気よく “Play Ball!” と応えるのがWeek3のお約束💖

まずは⚾️Baseball, 🏀Basketball の映像を観ながら、
それぞれの sports で使う道具やルール、必要な体の動きを学びました 📺
“bat” “ball” “helmet” “glove” “basket” “net” “throw” “catch” “run” “pass”・・・

T-shirts の表に school logo を描き、背中には name と number🖍
✨世界に1枚だけ✨の “my jersey” を作りました👕



Lunchを食べてますます💪power が付いたら、午後は my jersey を着て
“Let’s play together!”
“Number Basketball”“Sight Word Target Practice” をしました🌟

“Number Basketball” は 指示された数字に、ball を shoot!🏀
年齢によって難易度を変え、大きい子達は “2+3” など
“math” 的な問題を解いて clear していく game

“Sight Word Target Practice” は指示された paper plate に、
ball を throw!⚾️
こちらも年齢によって、単純な alphabet だったり、
ちょっと難しい word を指示したりしていきました

明日はどんな sports が待っているのかな?🏈🏋️‍♂️⛳️









Today we continued our study of individual sports with soccer, which is very popular with our little stars already, and hockey, which was new to many of them. Morning converation was a bit of active conversation. The grammatical construct was “(Verb) the (Noun),” for example “Kick the Ball.” The kids fired off multiple rapid-fire commands to their friends, who had to kick, throw, shoot, catch at lightning speed.

Next up was a cool craft. Our youngest preschoolers (rookies?) caught the Olympic fever that’s been going around, and made a really cool gold medal. Meanwhile, the kindies made a two-in-one soccer/hockey table game that they could then play with their friends, and take home to play with mommy and daddy as well. They did a great job measuring, drafting, sticking and building the field and equipment.

After lunch, we had a cool relay race with a bit of a twist. There was no simple running in this race. The older kids had to read a series of commands off of cards (jump, crab, cha-cha etc), while the younger kids just listened and repeated. This was a very challenging (and silly) event that got the kids’ competitive fires burning. Next, we played a broom hockey game in which the kids shot pucks with the letters of their names into the goal.

Day 3  Pool Day

3日目のスタートは“FSA Fitness Drill” 🤓
“Test” という響きに初めは緊張していた子どもたちでしたが、
楽しみながら、1人ずつ clear していきました✌️

①“Balance” 片足立ち

②“Standing Long Jump” 立ち幅跳び

③“Free Throw” フリースロー

④“Goalie” サッカーゴールキーパー

全ての misson を complete✨ できたら、皆で “We did it!”

水着に着替えてお楽しみの “Splash Time” 👙
“Water Balloon Toss Relay” もしました 🎈

午後は “Team Practice”
1列に並んでの “Ball Pass Game” と 丸く輪になって座って “Frog Game”

明日はまたまたお楽しみの “Cooking Day” ‼️



Today was our final lesson before our showdown with pro soccer team Yokohama Marianos! We already passed our physical and teamwork tests with flying colors, and now it was time to study an equally important aspect of physical fitness: diet and nutrition!

First, we learned about the “food pyramid,” and how to prepare a nutritious, well-balanced meal. The kids showed that they already had a good understanding of what food is healthy and what’s not, and after our discussion they were ready to put together their own meals fit for an athlete.

With that done, it was time to cook for real. We made healthy tortilla wraps, containing lots of healthy vegetables and some tuna or lean chicken meat. There was some cheese and mayo to keep things a little fun.

With the power from our healthy lunches, we were able to play a few final games emphasizing concentration, and awareness of our own feelings. Our training camp was complete, and all our all-stars were ready to move on to soccer training on Day 5!



With our training camp complete, all that remained was to visit the amazing soccer pitch at our sister school, Yamata Youchien in Yokohama. There, we would receive instruction from renowned professional soccer team Yokohama Marianos! It was a hot and sunny day, but the kids endured the tough weather to pursue greatness!

The kids were so excited to be playing with real professionals, and the team was so amazing with our students. They ran us through all sorts of drills, and teachers could see the kids improving right before our eyes! This was such a great opportunity and everyone had a wonderful time!

3週間に渡った Summer School の 最終日❗️









So that’s it for Week 3! School starts up again in late August, and we’ll see you then for Space Month.