🎃 Kinder Class Halloween Party 🎃

🍬Happy Halloween🍬





9月の頃より子ども達がずっと楽しみに待っていたHalloween party!!

可愛いCostumeを着ることも、Trick or Treatでお菓子をもらえることも




This year’s Halloween Party was a lot of frightful fun. We had plenty of ghoulish games, creepy cooking, a Jack-o’lantern contest, and of course, Trick or Treating.








As the children arrived, we took pictures of them individually, with the rest of their class, and all together as a group. There were some really creative, scary, cool and beautiful costumes this year!


[🎃Pumpkin Cleaning🥄]









Pumpkin Cleaningを行いました


We had yucky fun pulling all the gooey insides out of our pumpkins, which we later carved into Jack o’lanterns. Speaking of Jack o’lanterns, each kid also brought a Jack o’lantern from  home to enter into a contest. Some were real pumpkins or vegetables, some were drawings, sewing, masks; there was an amazing variety of creepy creations. More on that later!












みんな驚きHalloween cooking!





Next up was cooking. We made a bone-chilling blood punch out of mixed juice and fruit. The K1’s were in charge of measuring and mixing the juices, while the K2’s and 3’s cut up pineapples and peaches to add to the horrifying witch’s brew. The last step was to cut jam-filled blueberry marshmallows in half to make leering eyeballs to float and gaze at the doomed drinkers. Once everything was all mixed, we put it on ice to enjoy later. We had to get ready for Trick-or-Treating!


[🍭Trick or treating🍭]











朝からこのために来たと言っても過言ではないTrick or treat!!

お菓子が入るかCandy bagを確認し

少し緊張しながらも「Trick or treat!」と





Like every year, the children were able to take to the streets to Trick or Treat and fill their greedy little buckets with candy given by our friends in the neighborhood. As always, we were very grateful to our neighbors at the Century 21 office and the Kumin Hiroba Hoyu community center for treating our little tricksters. The brave firemen at our local fire station not only keep us safe, they also hand out sweets and let us take sweet pictures with the cool fire engines.









Once we came back to our haunted academy, we devoured our lunch and guzzled our gruesome grog. The kids couldn’t just drink the deliciously thick ooze, they needed spoons and chopsticks to chomp the chewy chunks as well!


[👁Feel Box and Monster Shooting game🐛]








午後も「ギャーーーー」という叫び声は止まりません 笑

大好評のLet’s touch the Zombie(箱の中身はなんだろな?!)では


逆にMonster Shooting gameは力一杯ボールを投げてMonsterを


After our macabre meal, it was time for the true horror to begin. The kids faced two hopeless challenges. The first was to thrust their delicate little hands into the fearsome Feel Box, and struggle against all odds to identify the horrors inside. They were faced with all manner of foul substances: worms, slime and eyeballs (also Legos and toy trains). The descent into madness continued with the dreaded PET Bottle shooting gallery. Armed only with plastic balls, the poor children faced a plastic army of darkness. Luckily, they were able to prevail.













Finally, it was time to award the prizes for the Jack o’lantern contest. There was a first place winner in each class, but each child received a prize for their own entry’s unique qualities. Each kid also got a pair of ghastly google-eye goggles and some extra candy as well!


This was a wickedly wonderful party, and the brave kids came out of the ordeal quite a bit richer, candy-wise. See you next Halloween!